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Moly Anchor Complete W/ Strap & Split Bolt

Moly Anchor Complete W/ Strap & Split Bolt

Moly anchors are used in concrete that is already poured.  A 5/8" diameter wedge bolt is used to anchor the moly head to the concrete. 


A buckle strap will wrap the frame and fasten to the anchor head with a split bolt.  


Parts included:

Moly Head

Wedge Bolt

7' Buckle Strap

Split Bolt w/Nut



  • Strap & Split Bolt Installation Instructions

    Strap & Split Bolt Installation Instructions:

    1.)  From under the home looking to the outside, pass the non-buckle end of the strap over the frame towards the outside of the home leaving the buckle end exposed on the inside of the frame.

    2.)  Wrap the non-buckle end of the strap back around the frame and slide it through the slot in the buckle end.  (the strap has now completely wrapped the frame)

    3.)  Once again, slide the non-buckle end of the strap over the frame towards the outside of the home and pull tight.   

    4.)  Insert the split bolt through the holes in the anchor closest to the frame while only exposing just enough threads on the outside of the anchor to install the nut.  (Do not push the bolt all way into the anchor as the squared head on the bolt will prevent the bolt from turning in the anchor.)

    5.)  Slide the end of the strap through the split in the bolt and pull tight.  

    6.)  Measure from the split bolt towards the end of the strap and at 12-15" cut off the excess.

    7.)  Push or pull the strap back through the split bolt until the end of the strap is flush with the split bolt.

    8.)  Turn the split bolt with a ratchet or wrench until the strap is tight.  (DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE BOLT AS THIS COULD DAMAGE THE FRAME)

    9.)  Once the strap is tight, align the squared head of the split bolt with the square hole in the anchor.  Tighten the nut until the squared end is completely inserted in the square hole of the anchor head. 

  • Moly Head And Wedge Bolt Installation Instructions

    1.)  With the nut and washer removed, insert the wedge bolt into the moly head with the threads of the bolt exposed inside the u-shaped moly head.

    2.)  Install the washer and nut on the wedge bolt so that no threads are exposed above the nut.

    3.)  Using a roto hammer with a 5/8" masonry drill bit, drill a hole in the concrete deep enough to accommodate the exposed area of the wedge bolt below the moly head.

    4.)  With the wedge bolt still installed in the moly head, insert it into the hole in the concrete and tap the end of the wedge bolt with a hammer to make sure it is completely seated in the hole.

    5.)  Position the moly head so that the u-shape of the anchor is perpendicular to the frame with the wedge anchor bolt hole being furthest from the frame.  Tighten the wedge bolt nut.  

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